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A PLASSON oferece uma ampla gama de soluções para conectar o tubo PE. Os produtos PLASSON podem ser encontrados em sistemas de água, de gás, indústrias e minas em mais de 80 países em todo mundo.



Universal Slip Repair Coupling

PLASSON Universal Slip Repair Coupling


Suits a variety of plastic and metal pipe materials

  • Each fitting designed to fit a wide range of diameters
  • Zero force pipe insertion – can slide freely back and forth
  • Thick o-ring seal – compensates for poor pipe quality
  • Seal compression increases as pressure increases
  • Robust PP body and nut – high impact strength and stress resistance
  • Long sealing area – can bridge over damaged section or gap between pipes
  • Total reliability – PN16, designed to last 50 years
  • Suitable for all cold water applications up to 45º


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